There are various things which you can do to help your spine stay healthy and reduce any chances of complications on your back. The following tips will help in keeping the spine healthy and happy.

Practice good ergonomics when sitting


The discs of the lower spine are usually loaded three times as much when sitting than when standing. Long periods of sitting can create or aggravate painful back conditions. When sitting at a desk, most people normally lean forward and slouch. Doing this stresses your lumbar discs. It is thus vital that you choose the right office chair and practice good posture when sitting. More importantly, always avoid sitting down for long by getting up, walking around and stretching every thirty minutes. For the spine to be healthy, you should move frequently. Movements fuel your spine with healthy nutrients.

Rest the spine when sleeping

Once you lie down all the structures on your spine which worked throughout the day get to relax and rejuvenate finally. It is vital for you to choose pillows and a mattress that let you spine rest comfortably and also support the spine well. The choice of mattress and pillow is based on your preference, your preferred position of sleeping and your specific back or neck problem.

Exercise the core

The core muscles include the lower back muscles and the abdominal muscles. These muscles have to be strong and supple so that they can support your spine. They have to be capable of taking your lower back off the pressure. Most of these muscles a rarely used daily thus they have to be toned through targeted exercises. Such exercises are simple, and you can do them for thirty minutes daily to keep the spine healthy.

Choose shoes supporting the spine

The type of shoes you put on will greatly impact as far as supporting the lower back is concerned. Good shoes provide supportive bases which help your spine and body to remain in alignment. For example, you should ensure the shoes fit the back of your heels snugly. A great fit will help to prevent pronation or supination as well as too much rolling of your foot to the outside or inside.


massageThe endorphins in the bloodstream can be boosted with the help of a good massage. It also encourages blood flow which helps to bring healing nutrients to the areas that are affected and also boost healing. Chiropractic healing can also be helpful in keeping your spine healthy.

These are some of the tips that can help you keep your spine healthy. Practice these simple things each day for a great spine.