If you are purchasing magic mushrooms online for the first time, you might find the process to be quite daunting. That is because there are various magic mushroom products you can try out and the process can be overwhelming. You can now Buy magic mushrooms canada. First, you need to know other names for these types of mushrooms. For instance, they are widely known as shrooms. They are also sold as psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin is the primary chemical in these mushrooms that causes hallucinogenic reactions.

Determine the Type of Product

Magic mushrooms are available in a wide range of forms. These are dried shrooms, edibles, and capsules. The type you choose is dependent on your preferences and need for convenience and discretion.


Edibles are relatively new, but they are gaining a lot of popularity. These include gummies and chocolates. The good thing about edibles is that you can get the flavor and taste you want.


If you want positive mental benefits, without even tripping, then you should consider getting capsules. You can take them when you want to have a productive day or when you want an express trip.

Dried Shrooms

shroomThese are the most popular you will find in dispensaries, whether online or offline. The reason they are popular is that they are cheaper. Also, people go for them because they are familiar. They are magic mushrooms that have been dried to allow ingestion and preserve quality. You can bake these into different edibles. As you know, eating dried mushrooms is a bit hectic owing to their taste.

Consider Mushroom Dispensary

After determining the type of product you should purchase, you have to pay attention to the shroom experience you want. If you want to experience full psychedelic effects, then you should consider the dispensary to get them from. Nowadays, you can find dispensaries dedicated to providing both recreational and medicinal magic mushrooms.

The truth is that purchasing shrooms online is quite easy. That is the case when you decide to buy them online. You only need to find the products you want to try and purchase. It is advisable to seek help from the customer support team to ensure you get the best products.

Online dispensaries make it easier for you to purchase magic mushrooms. Remember that you must be of legal age. Also, you need to find whether the dispensary can ship products to you. Ensure the products you purchase are potent and safe.