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What You Need to Know Before Buying Pheromone Colognes

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For some time, there has been a lot of hype surrounding pheromone colognes. If you have never heard of the term, you are probably wondering what pheromones are. Pheromones aren’t a myth made up by fragrance manufacturers to help sell their products. A pheromone is a compound an animal produces to trigger specific behavior in another creature of similar species. Typically, you can consider this chemical as a behavior/mood-altering hormone. However, pheromones are known as ectohormones since they an individual secretes them externally.

The pheromones for men can help attract a woman. Androstadienone is a very efficient chemical compound that men produce. Once picked up by a female’s nose, this alters her mood and raises the cortisol level. Individuals merge their favorite scents with a pheromone cologne to help them attract women, and it does work. There are several experiments on this subject, and there’s enough evidence showing how effective the chemicals are.

Types of Pheromones

Experts suggest that four types of pheromones are known as the releaser, signaler, primer, and modulator. Here is a clear summary showing the effects of these ectohormones:
o Primer – Alter overtime neuroendocrine or endocrine systems related to reproductive development or physiology
o Signaler – Relay information concerning the person
o Releaser – Evoke a precise behavioral reaction, often instant
o Modulator – Alter emotion and mood

The pheromones in people are present in bodily secretions like vagina secretions, semen, axillary sweat, breast milk, and possibly breath and saliva.

Study Reports

pheromone colognes
At the beginning of 2016, Respirology published a study showing that a compound called progesterone derivative 4,16-androstadien-3-one (AND) prompted the swelling of erectile tissue present in the female nose. Some experts consider the data from the study as proof that AND may serve as a functioning ectohormone.

Although relatively scarce, some studies point out androstadienone as a feature in the male sweat that increases attraction, alters the subject’s active brain regions that control social cognition, mood, and cortisol levels.

Conclusion: Buy Pheromone Colognes or Not?

From the information in this article, it’s safe to admit that the body’s ectohormones elicit a response from other individuals. Getting a pheromone cologne doesn’t mean you have to ditch your favorite perfume. Blending it with a charming musky scent is enough to help you attract or spark a response from your subject.

To ensure you make the right purchase, buy from a reputable seller, and only buy trusted and approved brands. If you were looking for a reason to consider using pheromone fragrances, I hope this article gives you one.…

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Guide to Choosing a Male Enhancement Pill

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At some point, a man is bound to have some trouble in the bedroom, whether you are fit, unhealthy, young, or old. If you are struggling with declining sexual performance, you are certainly not alone. The first step to remedying the situation in the bedroom is to invest in male enlargement pills. Before you put anything in your body, you need to do some due diligence. And here are some important factors to consider when choosing male enhancement holding pill


The quality of ingredients contained in a pill determines its effectiveness. Therefore, when choosing a male enhancement product, make sure that the potency of the ingredients used is backed up by science. Also, ensure that the results do not lead to more problems than those you might be struggling with. A good company should go to great lengths to tell you what is in their product and what each ingredient offers.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

What does a manufacturer’s reputation have to do with a pill? While some people might not pay attention to the manufacturer’s reputation before buying a supplement, it makes sense if you do not want to pay dearly. With too many names in the industry today, shopping for the right product might be a challenge. Some brand names are synonymous with quality, so you can always count on a manufacturer that enjoys a solid reputation in the market.

Personal Needs

What do you want in male enhancement pills? Do you need a supplement to treat erectile dysfunction or something to help you combat premature ejaculation? Understanding your unique needs plays a vital role in helping you choose the right product. It also helps you know the ingredients to avoid. For starters, you might try using several pills to get an idea of the ingredients’ effects. If there are ingredients that you have issues with, then you should avoid taking a pill that has one of them.

Doctors Recommendationsdoctor at work

There is nothing to be ashamed about when talking to your doctor about your sexual problems. A doctor can give you an objective look at your situation and provide you with informed recommendations on the type of pills to take and the need for other adjustments. Professional advice will save you a great deal of time, and probably the consequences of choosing the wrong product.

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Top Supplements for Your Muscle

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The muscles are an essential part of your body. They provide much-needed endurance when engaging in various activities that require the body to use up much energy. That is the main reason why most athletes engage in endurance workouts. Focusing on muscle growth is vital if you want to have the much-needed energy to engage in various exercises.

powder supplementYou can try out certain supplements that boost muscle growth.  This hormone occurs naturally in the body in minimal amounts. Supplementing it with HGH products will trigger muscle growth. Several other supplements are also ideal for the muscles and can provide much-needed endurance in various activities like sports. They include:

Fast Proteins

The most famous sports supplements. They contain protein, which means they mainly work to build muscle tissue and preserve them. Eating after exercise promotes good muscle growth. For beginners in the first six months of sports, one intake in the morning before breakfast will be enough.

amino acids supplementsAmino Acids

Essentially the same as fast proteins, but in a more convenient form – tablets and capsules. They will help you out in the absence of a shaker or serve as additional muscle nutrition during a hypertrophic training program. As a substitute for powders, use 2-3 tablets at a time. In grueling exercises – 3 tablets twice a day, not excluding the intake of a gainer and proteins. You should note that when taken on an empty stomach, amino acids can cause discomfort, in which case it is worth trying to consume them with food.


bodybuilding supplementsThese are isoleucine, leucine, and valine – essential amino acids for the human body. They not only serve to build proteins, but also act as a source of energy. The use of BCAAs improves endurance and accelerates muscle recovery. It is effective to use the tablets during the drying period not to lose the gained muscle mass, or when training for endurance. You need to consume five capsules before and after class, on rest days – with food, two tablets.


It is a powerful source of energy for muscle work. Some report a positive effect on strength performance, while others do not feel any effect from taking this supplement. Until you try, you won’t know. It is found on the market both in powder form and in tablets. It is taken once a day for 2-3 g. It is possible to dilute the powder version only with water, and it is necessary to drink such a mixture immediately after preparation. In general, you can’t drag a creatine cocktail with you in a shaker. In any case, it is advisable to drink a few glasses of water after taking it for more comfortable absorption.…